Effectively working through COVID-19:

Tips and resources to help you navigate through uncertainty, mantain high performance and develop new skills for the future

*Links are provided for informational purposes only

PREPARE: Get the basics right first

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Making time to reflect  click here

CONNECT: Seek support and support others

Staying Connected  click here
51 Fun Virtual Team Building Activities For Remote Teams  click here
Connected, but alone?  click here
How co-workers are staying connected while working from home  click here
Five ways to create stronger connections  click here

PERFORM: Re-focus, revitalize, re-prioritize

Motivating yourself: practical tools and strategies  click here
7 Habits of Highly Effective People book summary  click here
20 tips on how to prioritize work and meet deadlines  click here
Wellbeing and balance  click here
Take the stairs - 7 Steps to Achieving True Success book summary  click here
How good is your decision making?  click here

THRIVE: Learn and grow to shape a bright future

A growth mindset  click here
Beyond Coronavirus: The path to the next normal  click here
Mindset by Carol Dweck book summary  click here
What makes us feel good about our work?  click here
Start With Why  click here
The Fifth Discipline - The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization book summary  click here