We have assembled a list of powerful training topics designed to help keep your business growing.

Sales Tips to Keep Your Business Moving:
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Today, many of your sales people are wondering how they will do their job in the weeks and months ahead. Their ability to meet with prospects will be limited and, in many cases, not possible.
With the goal of helping you close deals from a distance, this webinar will focus on the virtual sales process and using technology to enhance your virtual sales presentation.

Harnessing The Power of Financing:
(sponsored by GreenSky)
You're Invited! Due to maxing out registration on our first webinar, we will be hosting another. Please join us for a webinar to learn how to harness the power of financing, sponsored by Greensky.
According to market research, 50% of all home improvements over $5,000 are financed in some way. If you aren’t offering customers financing options for their home improvements, you could be leaving 50% of the business on the table — to be picked up by your competitors.
This webinar shows you why and how to offer financing on every proposal, every project, every time.
We'll also highlight some of the special programs Greensky has created to address the COVID-19 disruption. They've got aggressive new loan options and touch-less approval process that allows you to get paid without you having to meet the client.

Advanced Pricing Strategies:
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Utilizing smart pricing strategies when selling products, or services is a must to succeed in today’s highly competitive market. By pricing strategically, contractors have the opportunity to protect profit margin and use a higher price to actually increase sales.
This webinar will show you how.

The Magic Bullet to Scaling Your Business:
(Sponsored by Giddy Up)
Have you ever wondered how some companies seem to effortlessly scale their business and outperform their competition when that perfect storm hits? How do your competitors manage operations in multiple markets while you struggle to keep afloat in your own hometown? Is now the right time to diversify and add new construction, retail, insurance or commercial projects to your service offerings? Or are you already fully diversified and looking for the best ways to manage the chaos? Do you have everything you need to open that next office in the town over – or the state over – are you ready for Florida?
What is the magic bullet? Is there one? Will the questions ever stop?
Join Jeff Wisniewski in this webinar as he draws upon his unique experiences as the designer of the GiddyUp software platform and former Chief Technology Officer for an $800 MM family of construction companies to discuss these topics and his observations while serving customers in our industry.

Telling Your Company Story:
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This webinar is designed to help contractors better answer the question, “Why You?” We’ll provide best practices, and real-world examples to help participants shape their story into a differentiating value proposition that positions you as the contractor of choice for the project.

Understanding the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act:
(sponsored by NRCA)
The purpose of this meeting is to share the latest information regarding the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act as it relates to the roofing industry.
NRCA Vice President of Government Relations Duane Musser, will be on hand to answer your questions and bring you up to speed on the Paycheck Protection Program and other economic relief programs available to you.

Stop Training, Start Coaching:
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If you want to have a world-class selling organization, you must coach – no excuses allowed.
Its imperative managers know who to coach, when to coach, and to what to coach. If you want to be a great sales coach, this webinar will set you on the right path.

Reshaping The Stormer Sales Process:
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Most contractors agree selling an insurance project requires a different approach than what would typically be used to sell their retail prospect. While this may be true, the sales person should not allow their focus on the insurance claim, to forgo the critical elements that drives sales in the retail environment. This webinar shows you how.

Digital Door Knocking: Smart Selling through Virtual Appointments
(Sponsored by Predictive Sales AI)
WARNING!! This webinar will change the way you think about lead generation, lead nurturing, and the entire sales-conversion process.
Special guest Chris Morris will show you how to harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to run your business more efficiently, drive effective growth and eliminate waste for your home services company.

Reshaping Your Company’s Culture:
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According to a survey by Bain & Company, of 365 companies in Europe, Asia and North America, 81 percent believe that brands without a high-performing culture will never get beyond mediocrity.
SRS’s Director of Organizational Development, Matt Coats will show you how you can build a powerful culture that drives your business to an even higher level of success.

Coffee Is For CLOSERS:
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Asking for the sale is an essential part of every sales call, yet only a small percentage of sale people are comfortable with their need to do this. This workshop focuses exclusively on the steps that must be taken for sales people to earn the right to ask for the sale, get comfortable doing it, and answer the objections that get in the way.
Contractor sales people will redefine their beliefs about closing and gain the "closer’s mindset" necessary to boost their closing percentages.

The Number One Mistake When Using Xactimate:
(sponsored by Xactware)
Most contractors know the frustration of having the insurance company refuse payment of a "perfectly written" estimate. This regrettably finds some contractors accepting less because they believe a little is better than nothing at all.
Alena Wilson is the co-owner of XM8 Mastery. She will use her expert Xactimate knowledge to show you how to easily build a comprehensive, properly formatted estimate – putting you in the best position to get paid what you deserve on the project.

It’s About Time:
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This topic is focused on helping you better define what’s important and teach you want you need to know to keep those objectives on the top of your to do list.
You will be challenged to define success for yourself, establish an action plan to achieve it, and develop a systematic approach for getting the really important things done. More than simply a time-management course, you will develop a sound understanding of how you need to manage yourself – not time - for the benefit of executing your plan.

How To Write More Estimates Faster In Xactimate:
(sponsored by Xactware)
Getting paid a fair and reasonable rate for an insurance project isn’t always easy. For many, this challenge is worsened by the overwhelming task of building a properly formatted estimate.
Alena Wilson is the co owner of XM 8 Mastery She will use her expert Xactimate knowledge to show you a simple tool you can use to cut your estimating time in half with Xactimate.

Mastering the Fundamentals of the Sales Process:
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Top tier sales organizations understand the importance of following a sales process. A repeatable, systematic process that’s aligned with the way homeowners buy home-improvement services.
MASTERING THE FUNDAMENTALS OF THE SALES PROCESS is a crash course that brings to life the six-step process that increases the prospect’s perceived value and makes you the contractor of choice for their project.

All About Leads:
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To successfully sell a project, contractors first have to find an audience to sell their project to. That’s why generating leads is the most vital step in the sales process, and why it can also be the hardest. As markets continue to evolve, finding new ways to acquire clients remains a constant challenge for even the most seasoned sales professionals.
In this webinar, we’ll get acquainted with the tools and techniques you need to kick start your lead generation machine.

Top Mistakes That KILL The Sale:
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Homeowners approach the contractor-selection process with a very low level of trust and high degree of cynicism. They leave very little room for error and they’re rarely willing to take you for your word when you tell them the many reasons they should choose you for their project.
TOP MISTAKES THAT KILL THE SALE identifies the top five blunders that are most common with home-improvement sales people. We will explore the common issues, the reasons why we do them, and discuss the steps you must take to consistently avoid them.