Acquisition Process:

Acquisitions are a critical component of SRS Distribution's dual growth strategy. To achieve and maintain our goal to be the fastest growing company in our industry, we focus both on organic growth that is fueled through product expansion, sales force expansion, and the opening of new locations as well as growth through strategic acquisitions. To achieve this, it is imperative that we develop a continuous pipeline of quality independent roofing distributors looking to potentially join our team. We feel very strongly that we are the preferred home for many companies in the industry looking for an exit strategy, with a company that prides itself on being a good steward of the employees and customers after the sale. The information below is intended as a resource to help owners gain insight to the acquisition process and what we look for in an ideal candidate. That being said, all transactions are unique, and the best way to determine whether or not SRS is a fit for your company is to contact our Marketing team by requesting more information below.

Ideal Candidate:

  • Quality of successor management team
  • Lead or secondary market share
  • Steady market conditions
  • Track record of consistent profitability
  • Quality and efficient utilization of assets
  • Significant future growth opportunities
  • >10% CAGR
  • Clean operational history

Less Attractive Candidate:

  • Owner & Management exits at close
  • Limited market position
  • Erratic market conditions
  • Inconsistent peaks and valleys in recent profits
  • Older capital equipment and below average asset turnover
  • Peaked or slower growth rate market / opportunity
  • Past operational or environmental issues

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